Weight Pull.

Committee Chair: Robin Clark  Snobizclark@gmail.com

Novice Weight Pull – Monday 9/25/23

Novice Weight Pull clinic and weigh in from 5pm to 6pm.   Start at 6pm.

Sanctioned Weight Pull – Tuesday 9/26/23  

Sanctioned Weight Pull,  weigh in from 5pm to 545pm.  Start at 6pm.

Location - Show site grounds

Early Entry Fee: $20 (Prepaid) or $30 (Day of Pull)

Closing Date: 9/20/23

Does your dog pull on the leash, have you ever wondered just how strong your dog is. Have you ever watched a sled dog race and wondered could my dog ever pull anything? If you have ever answered yes to any of these questions then you need to enter the Novice dog pull.


Weigh In Required - All dogs must weigh in and will be separated by weight classes so you will be competing against dogs that are similar in weight to yours. Novice weigh in will begin on Monday afternoon and Advanced will begin Tuesday evening. Time of weigh in will depend on entries so weigh in and start times will be posted that week. The hospitality table will also post this information.

Novice Pull - This is for novice dogs that are new to the sport. A novice dog is one that has been in less than 3 novice pulls, and has not won at any novice pull. This pull will begin in the afternoon. Weigh in’s and start times will depend on the number competing. Note: There will be loaner harnesses available if you need one.

Move Ups - If you enter the Novice Pull and do well then the move up fee to try the sanctioned pull is only $10. All move ups must be approved by the judge.

Sanctioned Pull – The sanctioned pull is for trained dogs and will be a highly competitive event. This is the Pro-Class. If there are questions where you should go please contact Robin.

Girls in Season – No Bitches in season will be allowed to compete. We will accept registrations right up to weigh in if you think your girl may be coming in.

It is great to participate or just to come to join in on all the excitement! Beware, you may get the bug!

Questions? Contact Robin Clark  E-Mail: Snobizclark@gmail.com

Helpers always welcome!

Online Reservation and Payment

How to make your online reservation.

The Electronic Form Button below will open the online registration Form.

Fill out the form and click the submit button when finished.  A confirmation page will appear with Payment instructions.

Your reservation information will be electronically sent by E-Mail to the appropriate committee chairperson along with a copy of the reservation information e-Mailed to the e-mail address entered in the form.


Opens June 1.

Your reservation Entry will not be valid until payment via PayPal is confirmed by the committee chair and the treasurer.

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